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Janet's quirky and colorful art
is the perfect complement for
your home's unique and vibrant esthetic.

Be bold and opt for a vivid metal
or large acrylic print!

All images created with 120 film or chrome (transparency film) and a Holga lomography camera.
Barbies, train tracks, tramps, holga, 120 film,girl with kite, old buildings, dreamy photo, Kodak Ektachrome, Holgarubber ducks, alley, rainy day, light leaks, lomography, Holga, 120 filmBrooklyn Bridgecows, Holga, Wisconsin farm, light leaks, lomo, fall day, 120 filmrace car, Ford engine, champion, esso, blue, fujichrome, HolgaHolga, propeller, vignette, old plane, Oshkosh EAA, Mary Lou, black and white filmHolga, Lomography, Cross-Process Film